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How to make vape juice without nicotine

This is a recipe for e-liquid with or without nicotine and is very easy to make. Ingredients 10% distilled water. It can be obtained at any pharmacy. 10-20% propylene
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Science Takes on Skin Care with Cannabis

Are you looking for a magical ingredient or a product that can rejuvenate your skin? In this blog, we’ve got exactly what you are looking for. There has been
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How to recharge an electronic cigarette?

Many people have problems when they buy their first electronic cigarette because they do not know how to recharge it. It is a very stressful situation and can invest
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How to get rid of Vaping Headache?

Vaping is a safer alternative to standard cigarettes. Cigarette smoking can cause severe health damage that is not only extremely harmful to health but is also irreversible. Therefore it
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Age Limits to Vaping

Vaping has seen a lot of popularity in the past decade, with people choosing it as an alternative to quit smoking. But among the population that is attracted by
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How Much Vaping is Essential

With the inclusion of e-cigarettes to all our lives, it has become evident that this industry is taking on the challenges and counteracting them. Some of the challenges include
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An Insight into CBD Categories

CBD is an extract from hemp and cannabis plant and has been used as a remedial substance by people all over the world. It is now legalized in many
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Vaping Headache & How to Avoid them

Vaping has become a growing fad in the past 8 to 10 years, making way for a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarette smoking. This boost in the industry is
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Vaping vs. Smoking: Is Vaping Bad for You, Too?

The two things under discussion here are basically considered to be the same thing and in some parts of the world, some even consider vaping worse than tobacco smoking.

Everything You Need to Know About Vaping and Airports

If you are planning a trip to some far off place, you have to make sure that you are crossing every possible thing off your checklist so that you