Age Limits to Vaping

Vaping has seen a lot of popularity in the past decade, with people choosing it as an alternative to quit smoking. But among the population that is attracted by these e-cigarettes is the age group that neither should use them nor be attracted towards them; i.e. adolescents.

This age group, which is neither adults nor considered children, needs to be aware of the fact that vaping can be addictive and shouldn’t be adopted until they are of proper age. In most countries, 18 years of age is termed to be the age of an adult. And that is why the regulatory bodies need to make sure that the sale of vaping products should only be carried out to adults aging 18 years.

Some countries have regulatory bodies for vaping while some do not. It is absolutely essential that there should be more regulation of the products if the use of vaping is to be specifically adequate.  

Some of the countries with their age limit for the use of vaping for recreational or remedial purposes are stated below:


In the land away from the lot, Australia, the age limit for buying after significant and pertinent restrictions is 18 years of age. This means that persons aged 18 or 18+ will be able to buy and use different vaping products. Apart from that, Australia has proper regulated products that make way to the markets, which is a plus for the inhabitants of the nation, knowing that the vaping products they use are of a good standard.

New Zealand

Ministry of Health in New Zealand has quoted e-cigarettes to be, “a harm reduction and smoking cessation tool”. This positive outlook towards the e-cigarettes is what the world needs right now, and recognize vaping as a tool that can help smokers quit easily. The nation has been diverse in terms of vaping and very progressive. The age limit to buy and use e-cigarettes in New Zealand is 18 as well.  


PHE Health Review 2018 stated vaping to be useful in helping people quit tobacco smoking and reducing 20,000 smokers in a year in UK alone. UK is one of the biggest endorsers of vaping and its positive use for reducing smokers. Vaping is permitted in UK and the age limit is also 18.


Due to the magnanimity of USA, the age limit for sale of e-cigarettes differentiates from 18 to 21. 19 in Alaska and 21 in Oregon are just two examples. FDA’s reluctance to endorse vaping is yet to be established and it still continues to beat about the bush. However, even the FDA does not completely rule out the fact that it is a healthier alternative to smoking.


Apart from the above-mentioned countries multiple other nations also have partial or full restrictions on vaping. For example, in Canada, vaping is banned in Calgary and Alberta, but in other places, it isn’t the case. The age limit in Ontario is 19, whereas in Manitoba it is 18. In the EU and China both, the age limit is 18 years as well.

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