Everything You Need to Know About Vaping and Airports

If you are planning a trip to some far off place, you have to make sure that you are crossing every possible thing off your checklist so that you can get the best out of your experience.

Having a vape device along with you is one of the things that can be the perfect ingredient for your trip. For example, if you are heading to some exotic island, not having a vape device would be an absolute bummer. However, every vaper gets curious about bringing a vape device in airports owing to ambiguity and unawareness about the rules and regulations.

Compliance with rules

It is pertinent that you read the policies regarding vapes, since every country has its own rules. You can do that by talking to a knowledgeable person or if you want precision and authenticity, you will have to do your own research.  

Have a complete understanding

Vaping hasn’t been around for long; this means that one needs to have complete understanding about how the device works. It is possible that a person you are dealing with at the airport doesn’t understand how vaping works. So, it will be your duty to enlighten the security personnel and concerned authorities about the device. And make sure you are prepared to have a face-to-face conversation with them before you reach the airport.  

Some countries and their vape laws

Let’s talk about some of the countries that have strict laws against vaping so that you can prep yourself before-hand.

Also known as the land of smiles, Thailand has imposed very strict laws against vaping. In 2014, Thailand government passed a legislation restricting anyone to bring e cigarette devices in the country. Moreover, it has also become a major trade barrier for many who deal in e cig devices.

Therefore, be cautious and know the rules.

Owing to safety and security concerns, South Africa had also banned the use of vape devices couple of years back, around 2014. They have also restricted the manufacturers from engineering these pocket-sized devices.

Again, these are only the countries that have clear-cut rules on vaping. US for example, have also banned indoor vaping in some of its cities. You can also face restrictions if you are going to parks and public places. Therefore, keep yourself aware at all times.

Batteries are life

If your desired destination doesn’t come under the list of countries that are banned from smoking, you are in luck!

But that doesn’t mean all your worries regarding e cigarettes are over. Even if you bring a vape device and your battery isn’t fully charged, you will ruin your perfect trip. Let’s try not to do that by packing extra batteries and a charger. Because why not?

It should also be noted that some of the airlines are very cautious of people having batteries in their luggage bags. So, if your airline has no rule regarding keeping batteries, you still have to be careful. Make sure you have disconnected the batteries from the device to avoid it getting powered on. By doing so, you can prevent a potential misfire, an explosion or a complete battery-drain.

Careful with the e liquids

If it’s a long travel, you need to be very careful with the packing of your favorite e liquids. Liquids, gas containers and having aerosols can put people in hot waters but thankfully, it is permitted to bring e liquids on a place. Some of the key points regarding e liquid packing are:

·        Make sure the quantity of your e liquid does not exceed 100ml.

·        Use of glass tinted bottles is most preferable for the quality of e liquids.

·        Cap the bottle tightly.

·        Store the bottle in a clear plastic bag so that you can see through if the bottle leaks.

Don’t start packing everything related to e cigarettes

As much as you would want that being a seasonal vaper, you don’t want to get interrogated on your RTA’s, RDA’s and all kinds of other re-buildable atomizers. Not only that, you can get yourself in trouble by having miscellaneous items like wires, pliers and other e cig rebuilding tools. Apparently, terrorist carry such items when they plan to build a bomb. No kidding!

Experienced vapers recommend that you only carry the most portable kit, whether it’s a vape pen of a machine that fits right into your palms.

Be empathic in public places

According to the report conducted by World Health Organisation (WHO), around 12% people have had an irresistible urges to vape around places they weren’t supposed to vape. And it goes in favor of most vapers. However, for people who cannot control their urges in places where its unethical to vape, they shouldn’t just start blowing up thick vapors on the faces of people, as interest as it might seem to some people. What you can do is, you can walk away from kids and families and go to a place where it is safe. There are smoking zones where people can do such things without thinking too much. Even though vaping is nothing like smoking, you will still have to respect the crowd because you never know what a child might perceive when you blow intense aromatic vapors out of your mouth. It is true that vaping is 95 percent healthier than smoking, reported by NHS, it is still something people frown upon.

Again, you have to understand that not everyone will know the difference between vaping and smoking; some people might perceive you as an ignorant smoker, not caring about the environment around them. Don’t come out like that; the feelings of people around you need to be respected at every cost no matter how much you are craving to load your device and start pumping.

In the end, what really matters is how you adapt yourself in a particular environment. Remember, the goal will be to have a good time and your vape kit will just be a tool to make the best out of your experience.

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