How to make vape juice without nicotine

This is a recipe for e-liquid with or without nicotine and is very easy to make.


  • 10% distilled water. It can be obtained at any pharmacy.
  • 10-20% propylene glycol-based flavors. This type of flavorings can be found in pastry shops, should not contain oils or dyes. It is best to buy from the pastry shops in your area. If you prefer or cannot find it locally, you can buy some flavors made specifically for vaping online. You will notice that the nicotine content is “0” and therefore these e-liquids are only the flavorings and how much vaping is good for everyone.
  • 20% e-liquid of a nicotine concentration of 36mg / ml without flavor. You can buy it online here, you can select the base either PG (propylene glycol) or VG (vegetable glycerin), the most used is based on PG.
  • 30% vegetable glycerin. You can buy vegetable glycerin to vape online or ask your local shops, stores of raw materials, drugstores, and make sure it is of vegetable origin and food grade or has the same USP.
  • 30% propylene glycol. You can also buy propylene glycol to vape on the Internet or like vegetable glycerin, you can get it locally in shops, drugstores, or raw materials stores, and you should also make sure it is food grade.

Preparing the liquid recipe for homemade vaping

  • The preparation of the vaping liquid recipe is very simple.

For example, 20 drops are about 1ml, so a drop is like 5% of 1ml.

For 1ml of liquid it would be:

  • 2 drops of distilled water.
  • 2 drops of Flavoring.
  • 4 drops of nicotine liquid of 36mg / ml.
  • 6 drops of vegetable glycerin.
  • 6 drops of propylene glycol.

There would be 20 drops in total = 1ml

If you want to make 10ml just multiply the previous quantities by 10 and that’s it.

The mixture is very easy to make, just shake it for about 10 seconds and that’s it.

The final result will be a low nicotine liquid of approximately 7mg / ml, if you feel you do not have enough nicotine, you can put more e-liquid and less distilled water or glycerin or propylene glycol.

Variations of the liquid recipe for vaping

If you prefer to have more nicotine, remove drops of water and replace them with drops of nicotine. You could also remove drops of glycerin or propylene glycol and replace them with nicotine fluid.

If you want to make a NON-nicotine-free liquid, you should only replace the commercial e-liquid with glycerin if you want it to produce more vapor. Replace it with flavoring if you want it to have a much stronger flavor. Substitute it with propylene glycol if you only want it to produce a normal amount of steam and not have a strong flavor.

Remember to be careful when using nicotine and use safe ingredients of the best quality.

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