Vaping around Pets – Safety Tips for Responsible owners

There has been an ongoing debate on social media whether it is safe to vape around animals. If you are a pet-lover and care about animals, you need to keep reading this blog for a complete guide.

It is no surprise that smoking is highly injurious to health; therefore, e-cigarettes have been pitched by many experts and recommended by many representatives of health organizations. For instance, according to National Health Service England, it has been claimed in a report that vaping is ninety-five percent healthier than smoking when it comes to health. However, anything beneficial to humans doesn’t necessarily have to benefit the animal-life as well. Vaping just might be one of those things, but you can’t really be sure about it.

Now back to the question, does vaping really harm your pets?

If you’ve ever gotten a chance to look at your favourite e juice label, you will read precautions stating precisely that you need to “keep it away from children and pets”.  But one wonders, why would an e liquid pose a threat to pet’s health? If you are new to vaping, you will also read on the bottle about the nicotine concentration present in your e juice. Let’s just say if your pet gets in direct contact with your e liquid, there are high chances that your pet can have adverse life-threatening effects. The reason being is the presence of nicotine strengths in your e juice.

But then again, it shouldn’t stop you from vaping around your pets. In fact, if you have a pet that likes being around you, chances are that it will start liking you more if you are vaping. The alluring smell of those fruitfully delicious flavors is too hard to resist, even for strong humans like ourselves. So, to answer if vaping around pets is alright, the answer is yes. But there is a catch; you have to vape responsibly when you are around pets. Just because your dogs would love those thick vapors doesn’t mean you start blowing it all in their mouth. It is still dangerous if you don’t vape carefully.

How can you avoid the damage?

Following are some of the precautionary measures that you need to follow if your pets are dear to you:

It is recommended that you keep the e liquids far away from the presence of your pets. Also, make sure your pets can’t reach them. If you happen to have a dog, it is more likely that they will have sharp incisors that can cut anything.

Store your e juices some place inaccessible to pets. Consider the fact that animals can jump and climb to a certain degree. So, don’t get complacent about it.

When you are vaping around pets, make sure you have proper ventilation system in place so that you don’t suffocate your pet with all the vapor.

When you are charging your batteries, you shouldn’t let your pets and children play around in the same room.

If you witness anything unusual happening to your pet, you should stop vaping instantly.

What to do if your pet has already been affected?

If you witness anything unusual, analyze your pet’s teeth and tongue to see if it has come across any of your e liquids. Also, check the signs for following:

·        Diarrhea

·        Seizure

·        Loss of appetite

·        Change in color of stool

If your pet has any of the symptoms mentioned above, make an instant call to the nearest vet and get an appointment.

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