Vaping Headache & How to Avoid them

Vaping has become a growing fad in the past 8 to 10 years, making way for a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarette smoking. This boost in the industry is highly contingent upon the fact that a huge chunk of the population has realized the utility of smokeless cigarettes. E-cigarettes not only can provide a fun way to people for nicotine intake, but also help people quit with ease and reliability.

The first vaping product is known to have been introduced in 1960’s, but was a colossal failure, and in 2000’s cig-a-likes were introduced with the intention to help people quit smoking. Since then, the e-cigarettes have seen remarkable boost, technologically. These products have flavors, controlled nicotine values, accessories, batteries, and different models, fitting to one’s needs. However, research in the sector is not adequate as of yet, and new logic is making way to the market.

Due to the lack of research, people often feel that the product is still in trial process, or that it may affect their health. However, that is not the case, because it is 95% safer than combustible tobacco cigarettes and many countries including UK have started using e-cigarettes to prohibit smokers from using harmful tobacco cigarettes. Another international research indicated that out of 19,000 respondents, a total of 11% claimed to have suffered headaches from vaping.

Second to dry-mouth with 22% of 19,000 respondents, headaches from vaping may be induced due to multiple reasons, all of which can be taken care of when e-cigarettes are used properly. It means that each quantity; be it e-liquid, PG/VG ratio, nicotine, needs to be in lieu with the requirement of the person using vaporizers.

That is the main reason that this side-effect becomes persistent among e-cigarette users and can be a problem in the utility of it. When you’re a beginner who vapes, managing the nicotine level and selecting the right amount for oneself can be a dainty task, and can induce headaches. The ratio of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin in the e-liquid also is a factor that might bring headaches. Some people also have allergic reactions to PG and VG and it can be also make headaches persist. When vaping, it is advised that one person not take a large puff and use smaller puffs to avoid headaches.

To make sure you’re vaping experience is up to the mark get to know yourself and how the pattern of headache occurs. This way you’re at a better pedestal to make an alternative move and avoid headaches. Use high quality products and e-liquids.

Try vaping with lesser dosage of nicotine-levels in the vape juice at first and if headaches persist, change the quantity. Keep yourself well-hydrated when vaping so that you don’t get dry mouth or headaches.

Trying to get oneself to vape with ease may not be as easy as it seems, but is definitely worth it. Be it only to get your nicotine fix or be it to quit smoking, vaping can help one achieve a healthy lifestyle with much more than just smokeless vapors. This is why the industry and people, both, have turned to vaping and still continue to do so.

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