Vaping vs. Smoking: Is Vaping Bad for You, Too?

The two things under discussion here are basically considered to be the same thing and in some parts of the world, some even consider vaping worse than tobacco smoking. Here, we will discuss how the two are different both in spirit and practicality as well as the health benefits or demerits. For us to be able to configure the styles and the idea of tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes we will know that both are different in totality and the use of both are different, where one is addictive the other can be used to simply avoid addiction.

Cigarettes and the tobacco

Smoking tobacco cigarettes can be harmful to the amount that one is left suffering later on, and that is why it is something that people consider negative to the core. The negativity is because of the smoke from cigarettes that has tar and other chemicals that harm the lungs. Apart from that the tobacco is simply addictive and harmful as well. The bad thing about cigarettes is the nicotine and it is bad for your health because the quantity cannot be altered according to your need. These cigarettes are combustible and have a harsh feel about them as well. The smokers usually have poisonous smoke being emitted to the peers and friends around and harms their health as well. This is one of the bad effects of smoking as well that can be avoided with e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes and flavors

Vaping is something that has been introduced for 2 decades now, and has been around in one form or another. Introduced with the purpose of recreation or to accentuate people’s will to quit smoking, the e-cigarettes are a piece of mastery and have attained its goal very efficiently, ie, to let people quit smoking easily. They use vapors instead of smoke which is harmful and the vapors are not harmful for you to have.There are different flavors that you have to use with a defined VG/PG ratio and with nicotine which is also defined. Having this idea where you can define the nicotine quantity in the e-cigarettes is benefit that has been in place to stop the addiction of nicotine take over and letting you back to smoking again and again. The basic idea is there and the demerits are only the use of nicotine and some other side-effects which can be altered like headaches. The addiction of nicotine is just a simple notion that is considered to be harmful but really has the same amount of harm we all have when we take caffeine everyday.

Good or bad

Considering the fact that the benefit of e-cigarette is to have better people who smoke and to better their health, we should be able to check and reclaim that e-cigarettes are safer than cigarettes. The    in UK say that e-cigarettes are 5% harmful compared to the cigarettes. The e-cigarettes are not harmful and are caused by different rehab centres to help people quit smoking and policies are being introduced taking care of this thing as well. If a person who doesn’t smoke, will be harmed by e-cigarettes to the amount we have discussed before. The conclusion of this fact remains that we can help people in hundreds who want to quit smoking but couldn’t because every time they try to, they are stopped by the smokers nearby. However, e-cigarettes are a good alternate that help the quitter stop smoking with a similar feel like that of cigarette and we should be more progressive towards the use of e-cigarettes as they help people quit easily and that is a difficult thing to do.

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